Our Crematory


Amicus is the only crematory located on the island of Montreal. On site you will discover the gathering room, columbarium, product showroom and cremation unit. Visit the AMICUS Pet Funeral Centre in video at canoë.ca. A special video report by Simon-Pierre Goulet.


Our clients have described our gathering room as being "...one of the most beautiful, serene and peaceful environments, very Zen. An enormous tribute to pets!".

The entire space was fitted out by Montreals' well renowned Feng Shui specialist David Tan from the Centre Excellence Feng shui.

© Photo : Focus-Photos

You will notice that among the contemporary decorative elements, the walls are adorned by stunning artwork from Quebec local artists adding a final touch of beauty and grace. Currently with many thanks to Studio Focus , the aesthetic canvas' of Gob are being presented.

Our clients come to us under very difficult circumstances. Oftentimes the animals were ill and we all know that pet death is always unexpected.

When clients walk through our door, we realize this is the final opportunity people will have to see their pets.


It's for this very reason We really wanted to create a space that is unique and luxurious, filled with peace and tranquility, a space where people can truly feel at home, as one with their pets before their final good-byes are said.

© Photo : Focus-Photos

We want to make sure that the memories of their time spent at the Amicus Pet Funeral Center is one filled with love and compassion.

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to make arrangements. Your precious companion deserves the dignity and compassion offered at AMICUS!

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