AMICUS-Pet-Cremation Centre

The Amicus-pet-cremation centre is the only establishment on the island of Montreal that offers the possibility for individuals to honor the memory of their pets.

Dog DaisiesPet lovers will be excited to learn that the the first authentic Pet Cremation Centre for domestic animals officially opened their doors in 2008 on the island of Montreal now offers services in Laval and the South Shore.

Thanks to the wide range of products such as pet cremation urns, caskets, memorials,keepsake urns, animal jewelry, pet grief poems including resources and quality cremation services suitable for all budgets, the Amicus Pet Funeral Centre finally offers the possibility to honor our pets with dignity and respect after having shared our lives on a daily basis.

We live in a society where domestic animals receive the luxury of numerous different services such as: holistic medicines, grooming, hotels, spas, etc. Nevertheless, when the moment arrives that we're separated from our devoted friend, there wasn't until today on the island of Montreal, services conceived to ease the grief and allow us the possibility to display our loyalty for the very last time.

In response to the huge demand and need of good service expressed by numerous pet owners we have founded this company.


Anyone that has or has had a domestic animal at home knows that the relationship quickly blossoms into a true friendship.

They bring so much unconditional love to our daily lives, we offer them the very best care, quality food, a pleasant environment, to which they respond with such devotion.

Thanks to the Amicus-Pet-Cremation Centre, it is now possible to display our loyalty to our precious companions at the time of their death, by offering them a dignified funeral, at the height of the love and affection they have brought us.

Our Products and Services

  • Assisted private funeral services
  • Individual pet cremation funeral services
  • Communal services (including pet memorial garden)
  • Urns for all animals (dogs, cats, horses, birds, rabbits, hamsters, ferrets and more)
  • Caskets
  • Monuments (Markers, garden statues etc.
  • Keepsake jewelry
  • Rainbow Bridge Poem

Pet Cremation Services by Amicus, your pet deserves very best care!
Pet cremation services by Amicus-the only establishment in Montreal that offers the possibility for individuals to honor the memory of their pets with dignity and respect...
Montreals finest Crematory for pets on the island!
A crematory described by our clients as being " of the most beautiful,serene and peaceful environments,very Zen. An enormous tribute to pets!"...
Montreals finest Crematorium for pets on the island!
A family owned pet crematorium,serving the montreal community since 1927 and now internationally,having first-hand experience with the death of a pet we understand...
Cremation Urns by Amicus, for our precious friends!
Pet cremation urns suitable for all sizes from puppies to horses,special breed of dogs ex: yorkshire terrier,cats,birds,hamsters.Honor the memory of your pets with dignity and respect...
Ceramic pet urns from Amicus - for our precious friends!
These ceramic pet urns made in Canada give you the possiblity to choose the style,color and finish to transform a simple pet cremation urn into personalized dog urn or cat urns. Choose your custom urn
Cremation Jewelry by Amicus, for our precious friends!
Cremation jewelry for pets.Remember the touch and keep a little of that love with their personal pawprints or noseprints wherever you go with these unique personalized pet jewelry keepsakes...
Grief Poems by Amicus Pet Cremation Center
Pet grief poems - A selection of readings to choose from to commemorate the loss of a pet. Relationships with our animals quickly develop into friends forever...
Amicus Virtual Pet Cemetery created in memory of our precious friends!
The virtual pet cemetery created in honor of our precious animals.
Amicus Pet Cremation Blog: See What's New
The Amicus Pet Cremation Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the Web site.
Dog Whisperer - Fact or Fiction?
The dog whisperer also know as Caesar Milan claims he understands dog psychology and can turn problem canines into mans best friend! You can even learn to talk to your dog too...
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Contact us at AMICUS for information pet cremation services for Montreal, Laval, South-Shore,pet urns,pet grief,keepsakes...
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